Full-Size Strollers

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The Best Full-Size Strollers

Full-Size strollers are the best for when you are taking on the world at your own pace. With significantly more storage space, extra cup holders, suspension systems, extra-comfortable padding, luxurious (cleanable) fabrics, mini-fridges (kidding), and more, these are the stroller you want to be piloting when you’re spending a week in Disneyland or shopping at the mall. Your baby gets just as many wonderful amenities, with multiple recline positions (including full recline), 5-point harnesses, leg rests, and more. When you are out for a long day and you want to travel with your baby in comfort, with several options for seating and positioning, there’s nothing better than a full-size stroller to meet your needs.

To be honest, a lightweight stroller might suffice as the only stroller you use throughout your child’s growth, but the full-size strollers are really the ones that people choose if they only get to choose one and they need it to be their “all situations” stroller (or at least “as-many-situations-as-possible” stroller). Full-size strollers are also ready to use starting from day one, which when combined with their durability, makes them a great first-purchase stroller (you’ll add in a lightweight or double stroller later in life). 

Full-size strollers do come up short when it comes to airplane travel, jogging, very crowded city streets and tight shopping areas, and limited storage space. This stroller is also too big to wear it over your shoulder.


Full-Size Stroller Safety

All the products we sell at Albee Baby, including our full-size strollers, already meet AND exceed federal safety standards. We would never choose to sell anything that didn’t meet the government’s strict standards when it comes to keeping your children protected. 

To fully ensure the safety of your stroller, do read through all materials that come with your stroller and make sure to send back your registration card so that you can be alerted to any recalls. 


Choosing Your Full-Size Stroller

Our full-size strollers feature comfortable seat cushions, adjustable sunshades, front- or parent-facing seats, various reclining positions, generous storage baskets, and top-tier safety standards. Whether you’re seeking the smartest value or the latest luxury models, we hand-select only the world’s best, safest, and most respected brands for sale at Albee Baby.

Some things that you may want to explore when it comes to making your selection would include:

Infant Car Seat Compatibility

Sometimes strollers have the ability to accept an infant car seat from the same manufacturer and sometimes from multipledifferent manufacturers. If you would like to create your own travel system through different baby gear components, this would be an important criterion to consider. 

Bassinets and Reclinable Seats

Some full-sized strollers come with bassinets to have baby lie flat, while others have fully-reclinable seats. Both are safe and it’s a matter of personal opinion, so which option you choose is up to you. Either way, though, be aware of which type of stroller you choose to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Comfort and Style

There’s not really a full-size stroller that wouldn’t be comfortable. This is much more about “comfortable” or “ridiculously comfortable” strollers, and the choice is up to you. Those with imported leather handles, baby-soft fabrics, and additional foam padding tend to cost morebut are some of the most comfortable strolls and sleeps that money can buy. On the other side, the more affordable strollers are not uncomfortable at all (many are still extremely comfortable) and can allow you to allocate your budget on other baby gear. It depends on how much you’ll be using your stroller--if it’s one 2-hour outing a week, you might not need such high-end comfort that’s usually reserved for royalty, but if it’s a two-week trip to an amusement park and paved walking paths, you very well might want the best.


Some of Our Favorite Full-Size Strollers

  • The folks we talk with everyday simply love the Uppababy Cruz. With one-step folding and an extra-large storage basket that holds up to 25 pounds of gear, the UPPAbaby Cruz is the perfect blend of the comfort you’d expect from a full-size stroller, plus all the smarts of a compact. The full-size seat can be front- or rear-facing, and the smooth telescoping handlebar and multi-position recline means both passenger and pusher can stroll in comfort. If you want to take all that’s good about the Cruz to an even higher level, do look at the UPPAbaby Vista
  • If you really want to show off for the neighbors and rule the high-end shopping malls, the Stokke Xplory would be perfect for you. The intuitive design makes the Stokke Xplory a dream to push. The swivel-wheel function provides effortless one-hand maneuvering, even around the tightest city corners. The stroller’s seat is parent- or forward-facing with a seat that’s height and angle adjustable. This Stokke stroller offers an almost infinite choice of seating positions to adapt to your family's ever-changing needs. Customize your own look and style, too. This stroller is suitable from birth to 45 pounds.
  • And if you really want some space, we sell out of the Keenz Wagon in what seems like minutes after getting it in stock (every time). So maybe it’s not fair to list this here, but the wagon is a marvel of a full-size stroller. It has tons of space, is tops in comfort, and a spring suspension system on all four wheels makes the stroller wagon feel like its gliding rather than rolling on the ground. This premium-deluxe stroller wagon combines all the advantages from existing strollers and wagons and puts them into one beautiful stroller package.


Full-Size Strollers at Albee Baby

Albee Baby understands that every family's transportation needs are unique,and that’s why we carry such an extensive line of full-size baby strollers. We have been in business since 1933 and use that experience to hand-select each model of stroller that we sell.It’s important that parents continue to trust our knowledge and understanding. (We’re parents ourselves, and this is and always has been a family-owned business.) Shop with confidence and feel free to explore all the good that comes with amenities on full-size strollers. With our extensive selection of full-size baby strollers, you can choose the features you want the most and find exactly what you're looking for.