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FridaBaby Saline Kit

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The NoseFrida Saline Kit is the one-stop-shop stuffy nose solution set for babies and toddlers.
  • 1 NoseFrida
  • 1 Saline Snot Spray (20 ml)
  • 10 Hygiene Filters
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Falls apart
February 16, 2023
I really love the IDEA of this product, but I find myself hating it because it all falls apart when my 15m old fights getting his nose sucked out. If it stayed together more securely, I would give this product 5 stars. Very disappointed with the quality based on how much I paid for it.
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It's not the same! :(
February 1, 2023
I've had the first NoseFrida for years, it was the one with a more red mouth piece. I absolutely loved it and would give it 10 stars if I could. But because I've had it for so long and a new baby I bought a new one. Here I am disappointed and wish I hadn't thrown out the old one. This new one does not hold up and just adds more stress to the situation. It falls apart so easily and the suction is not the same. I've gone as far as buying another one just in case I had a defective one but it's the same. I can only hope they bring back the original.
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Bc Canada
February 1, 2023
I wish the top screwed on to the sucker part. Mine does not stay together, and I have to hold it pretty tightly to get it to work. Also wish it came with a case to store it in, I did see that other ones do, but I wish they all did the one I got didn't
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Belleville, Michigan
Love this thing
January 20, 2023
This works so good. I definitely recommend others to try it.
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Sandra M.
Cleveland, Ohio
Saved my baby's life
January 5, 2023
My little one has severe GERD and spits up excessively. When she was a month old, she spit up in her sleep and sucked it back into her mouth mid throw up. Her spit up came out of her nose and got stuck in her nose. She stopped breathing and turned colors while choking on her spit up. After a call to 911 and some hard back pats the get her to stop choking it dawned on me that baby's can only breathe through their nose at this age. I ran and got the nose frida in her nursery and sucked out the spit up from her nose and she immediately began breathing and her normal color returned. I will ALWAYS have this on hand now. I'm so grateful for this product for saving my daughters life.
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Bonnie b.
Southern California
Nose Part doesn't fit after washing
December 20, 2022
This product was amazing but only after one use I took the nose part off to clean with warm water and dawn it didn't fit it afterwards it weirdly shrunk smaller and just falls right out of the part it belongs in. I'm thinking it was either the soap or warm water I am going to exchange for a new one and next time just rinse with cool water .
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Rochester ny
December 4, 2022
This thing is a piece of garbage. They changed something so now all it does is fall apart. The first one I had was fine, hence all the ravings reviews. My two month old has RSV and I can't even suction her nose properly because this thing is trash. Extremely poor quality. Bring back how it used to be made.
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Lexington, KY
RSV 3 week old
November 25, 2022
I bought this at the recommendation of the ER doctor when I found out she had RSV. She was 3 weeks old and the best thing I could do was watch her and make sure she kept up with diapers and help with congestion. The nose frida baby works so amazingly well! She could get cleared out in no time to eat and sleep soundly. She is better now and largely with your help. Thank you.
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Not worth it
November 11, 2022
I finally caved in and bought this already regret it. Does not work well and not the easiest to do with a squirming screaming child ! Save your money and get battery powered !
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Charleston, SC
Works amazing
November 9, 2022
I've been using this since my daughter was born and she doesn't even mind it! It's so easy & effective.
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British Columbia, Canada
Useless after one use
October 29, 2022
I used the NoseFrida ONCE and after taking it apart to wash and replace the filter, the snot collecting tube does not fit back together with the filter/hose section. A serious design flaw. Not worth the money.
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Memphis, TN
Frida mom nose sucker
September 18, 2022
I've had this product since my child was born and I've never used it until now. My child has RSV & I've now contracted an infection from sucking her nose with this product and I feel absolutely horrible . Even though it has re-changeable filters this is still very unsanitary. Thanks a lot frida mom!
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Nashville, TN
Great concept. Poorly updated design
September 2, 2022
I used this with my now 5 year old as a baby (all the way up to 3 and I still have hers) so when I was expecting a new baby, I ordered a new one. Now that he's here and has his first cold I can say how disappointed I am in the new design. The nose frida used to be 2 pieces. Now the mouth piece comes off, the tubing comes off the lid. They don't stay together that well. When you get flying baby hands, it comes right apart. I swaddle him up but by the end he's out and flailing hands. When it was just 2 pieces this wasn't an issue. Even sometimes if he's not throwing hands, it just falls apart! I'm glad I have my old one but so sad because I used to recommend this to moms all the time when I worked in the hospital.
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August 26, 2022
This product is so cheaply made and useless. My baby does not like nose clearing so she moves while I do it and frida snorter just disintegrates so I was not able to use it even once.
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Nashville TN
Works well would buy again
August 7, 2022
I love this thing.. my baby not so much.. it works but I do wish the tip was made out of some rubber or silicone.. it would make my baby and me feel a little bit better.
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I don't recommend
August 6, 2022
It didn't come with 4 hygiene filters I don't recommend
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Lisa R.
July 26, 2022
Absolutely amazing! Our 4 week old baby had COVID, and this was the best way to get his congestion out of his nose. He was able to breath freely after each use. Thank you!
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Falls apart
July 1, 2022
I originally purchased a nose frida in 2019. It worked amazingly well for as long as I needed it with my first baby. For baby #2 I purchased a new one because of hygienic reasons recently. The hose on my new nose frida pops off every time I use it and sometimes the mouth piece falls off too. This makes it very difficult to use with a squirmy baby.
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Mummy o.
So glad I had this
May 18, 2022
My daughter was born in 2020 and we were sent home from the hospital with a beautiful healthy baby, or so we thought. Freya was full of mucus and it was bubbling from her nose and mouth constantly we kept calling the hospital but kept getting the same response which was she was born very fast so the mucus will take a couple of days to clear just keep using the nasal spray she is fine. Freya was actually born without a throat connection she is Tof Oa we found this out on day four. So for four days we used the sucker not only for her nose but her mouth as well, this device helped us save our daughters life so I just wanted to say thank you sooooo much to who ever created this. I was given a nose Friday for my son in 2018 and I thought it was fantastic so I had brought one for my daughter just before she was born and I still use it to this day. I also make sure when I go to a baby shower I always put one in as a gift
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North Carolina
Love it!
May 15, 2022
This product works amazing!!! At first I was like this is going to be weird using this, but, I'm so glad I did!!! Tried using the nasal aspiration and it done absolutely nothing, used this along with saline drops and got everything that was causing my baby to be congested out !!! Highly recommend!!!!
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Alberta Canada
Want to love but..
May 5, 2022
This is a good snot sucker. I like the design of the sucker and its comfy in baby's nose. But! The thing as a whole is garbage. It is constantly coming apart, the tube does not stay attached to the mouth piece nor the sucker, and the tube is also very stiff. This is extremely frustrating when you have a crying baby because they are stuffy and your trying to suck out their booger, but it keeps falling apart, or popping apart because of how your manoeuvring the tube. You need to make better quality product for it to last and be completely functional.
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American Falls Idaho
Love it!
May 4, 2022
I love this thing! Honestly, its a must have if you are a new mom or veteran mom! So effective and very simple.
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Used it for almost a year and it failed :(
April 22, 2022
I used this since my daughter was born and have loved it- she's 11 months now. Last night I was using it and somehow snot and spit got into the tubing. I feel so gross! I don't know if something went wrong with the tubing or the filter but I'm so upset about it
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Circleville Ohio
It Works but is Extremely Frustrating!!!!!
March 29, 2022
Bought our first NoseFrida 4 years ago for our daughter and it worked great! Recently purchased a new one for our newborn and have been greatly disappointed. The hose does not stay attached to the tube or the mouth piece. When your baby is kicking and scream you want it to work right every time, not fall apart. I got so frustrated that I superglued the tube on both ends. Now it works perfectly!
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Coral Springs Flórida
Get small the tube
March 16, 2022
I cleaned with hot water and now the tube don't fix anymore the other part blue. Sorry My English i speak Portuguese. It used to work
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Starts off good but then it loses quality
March 10, 2022
I bought this product a year ago and I loved it at first because it was effective and easy to clean but it's been hard to use recently without the pieces disconnecting. It's hard keeping the product together while also holding your baby down. I've had to switch to the one provided by the hospital to ease the process. The design and the attachments of the nose hose to the mouth piece and snot straw need to improve!
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West palm beach FL
Amazing saved my daughter!
March 9, 2022
I have 3 children and back with my other two this wasn't invented with my daughter decided to purchase and I ended up buying two one for my diaper bag and one for my house. This really saved my daughter a trip to the hospital when she was very sick with a cold and lots of mucus! I couldn't do it with out this !!!! I hope who ever invented this is a millionaire! God bless you !
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Houston tx
Could be better
February 27, 2022
Bought my second nose frida today in hopes that it wouldn't fall apart like the first one did... and it did. I love it so much but why won't it stay together!?
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Chadbourn, NC
February 25, 2022
I absolutely loved the way it helped clear my daughters nose! But the cheaply made product will not stay together the tubing is stiff so it is constantly coming off of the tube end and the mouthpiece end! With a 4 month old that hates being suction this makes the fight 10 times worse! Not happy with the cost vs quality of this product!
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Love but hate
February 19, 2022
We used this the "snot sucker", as it is lovingly called in our house, for our first two kids (in 2014 and 2017). We bought a new one for our 3rd child in 2021 and have had so many problems with it! We even bought a second one because it's such a necessary product in our house and the first one was falling apart every time we used it. I was hoping the first one was just a fluke, but I was wrong. The red mouth piece comes out so easily from the tube. Our first one did the same thing but the blue connector piece would come out of the tube also. Anyone who has ever used this product knows how difficult it is to suck the snot from a baby's nose while holding her arms and head still (sort of feels like wrestling an alligator). Doing that while holding the pieces together is nearly impossible and makes the process that much more difficult for parent and baby. All in all, we love the idea of the snot sucker, but I am terribly disappointed in the quality and the fact that I've wasted money on an unreliable product twice.
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What is with the mouthpiece falling out?
February 18, 2022
Love the Idea and when it works it works. But imagine your poor child is stuffed up and you bust out the Frida to suck some gunk. Just as you're lining up the suction to the nose and your baby is crying and thrashing but you get it lined up and you're ready to suck...and then the darn mouthpiece comes out of the tube. So you put it back together, get all the thrashing and crying reset, put the suction back up to the nose...and the mouthpiece falls out again. So you put it back together and...well, you get my point. Did I get a bad one? Is the mouthpiece supposed to remove at the slightest touch, create creative language between spouses, and keep the baby crying? Either way, it does and always in an inopportune time. Once you get past that kinda important detail, tho, the device is great!
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Nostril cover doesn't fit into nose hose
February 17, 2022
No suction since the nostril cover piece doesn't fit snugly into the nose hose part. It will fall out if I'm not holding it in. Useless. I'd tape it in there but then how will I clean out the cover.
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Honolulu, HI
Love but I have 1 problem
February 10, 2022
This product works the best out of everything I've tried. My one issue is that the product pieces come a part so easily when suctioning a fussy baby. It's really irritating. I wish there were a way to make the hose firmly attach to the mouth piece and blue tube. I would like to suction as fast as possible but always having to mess the the tubes and hold my sons head still.
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West Virginia
The NoseFrida is the best
February 7, 2022
I had a NICU baby and when she finally came home I tried everything to suck her nose out for her and literally nothing worked. I seen this thought ew that's gross at first but was desperate to try anything. Even compared to the electric one this one is the best!!! I even got one for my sister in law and she loves it too!
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Toronto Canada
Disappointed with the quality
February 6, 2022
I bought first frida snotsucker 3 years ago and quality was perfect. Unfortunately I lost it and recently bought a new one. Before using it even, the orange mouth piece came off, the air tube attached to it also keep on coming out from the cap while the cap is so tight to the snot sucker part make its not easy to open it. And all of this I compare to the first one I had, hope the quality was the same. Yes I can still use it but with no mouth piece and always have to make sure the air tube attached, just not the same quality I expected.
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It used to work.
February 5, 2022
I enjoyed the snotsucker. I say enjoyed, the last two that I have purchased in a 6 month span are very disappointing. The nose hose always come off. It comes off at the worst possible moment, when I have a squirming, crying baby. Its not even flexible, it is "molded" to the way its folded to be in the package. I feel like the nose hose could be modified to where it stays on, maybe a "screw" on hose. The mouthpiece also comes off, like literally falls off.

I still like it but im upset that I have to fiddle with it so much.
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February 1, 2022
This is my second nosefrida I've purchased, the first one was great but too old. So I bought a new one, the quality has gone down. The clear tube falls out each time in the middle of using it. It makes it so difficult to get the boogies out.
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San Antonio, Tx
Works great.. but doesn't prevent virus transfer
January 30, 2022
If your child possibly has COVID, do not recommend using this. That blue sponge isn't blocking a virus. Literally sucking the virus through a straw. The power of this tool is great. Superior to the power of others. Get rid of the useless orange tip though. Thing flies out the second your kid punches the Frida away from their nose. At 2 in the morning it's a sure fire way to irritate you.
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San Antonio, TX
January 30, 2022
I wanted to write on here just to add precautions especially being an AVID nosefrida user with two of my children prior to the COVID pandemic.

I recently fell victim to COVID-19 and had the absolute 100% worst of it. I was out for almost 3 weeks. This new variant spreads fast and I'd caution you using this tool on your children who go to daycare and are exposed to other children who test positive. My kids showed no symptoms when I found I had it after clearing my daughters nose a week prior. She was just a little congested and I thought it was allergies. I then get a note from her daycare that she was exposed and boom a couple days later I was out for the count.

This tool is an AMAZING tool and helped with two of my kiddos, but with COVID affecting upper respiratory systems look to the electric nose device Frida has to offer. It's a little more pricey, but SO worth not falling I'll for three weeks straight and not being able to care for your own kids and barely yourself!
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San Antonio, Tx
August 27, 2021
I realized I have so many products from Frida Baby that I had to write reviews on the products I have.
This is one of my favorite items I have purchased, at first I used the bulb syringe that they give out at the hospitals and every time I used it my baby's nostril would turn red and he would cry, now with the Snotsucker I don't have to go really deep in my baby nose.
My baby is now 8 months and he hates staying still, but when I use this product I can get the boogies out really quick even with him moving around so much.
The only thing I wished this product would have is a case for the Snotsucker, I hate having to put my babys products out in the air, but other than that I would defiantly recommend this to anybody.
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Puyallup, WA
First-Time Mom Must Have!
August 23, 2021
This has come in handy so many times! It's easy and clean to use come with extra filters and we got it from newborn and still use it at 1. Best way to clear baby's nose! This is a first-time mom must-have!
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Verified Buyer
Works only when something comes out
June 27, 2021
You can squeeze this thing 10 times and it only sprays 3. It's really difficult to use because my baby isn't happy with me sticking this in their nose but add to it the fact that you don't actually know if any spray comes out and you have to squeeze it several times hoping it comes out.

The saline contents do work when something actually comes out.

I generally really like the Frida products but this has been the biggest disappointment of them all so far.
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Verified Buyer
bought for newborn
June 14, 2021
nice packaged. an essential item to have for newborns
San Antoni, Texas
Verified Buyer
NoseFrida is a lifesaver
October 20, 2020
I have had this since my son was 9 months and he is now 2 years old. I tried a couple of different things to get his snot out when he got his first cold at 9 months. But nothing worked. One of my friends said something about having a nosefrida and i tried it on my son and i haven't used anything else since.
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BELLEVUE, Washington
Verified Buyer
Worked for my baby
September 23, 2020
It makes clean baby's nose easier
New York
Verified Buyer
LOVE this product!!
January 21, 2020
This is literally THE BEST product ever!! I have used it hundreds of times with both my toddler and newborn and cannot recommend it enough. I buy it for all of my expecting girlfriends. Thank you !!!!
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West palm beach FL
Verified Buyer
LOVE this product and amazing customer service
December 7, 2019
I purchased this product for my first baby. He just had his first cold and this thing was a life saver.
I had an issue with my product, I contacted customer service and received a response almost immediately.
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North Carolina
Verified Buyer
Seriously a miracle worker
November 27, 2019
I was so grossed out at the thought of this, but once it's understood the boogies have no way of getting into your own mouth, I was like I'm willing to try. Seriously, I don't like to be hyperbolic about the effectiveness of products, but it made THE difference in our little one's comfort and happiness. Even after clearing, he had a runny nose, but was back to his happy self. His sinuses must have been so swollen with fluid and painful. Cannot live without this thing now. Only thing that would suggest is more clearly stating how frequently to use it - had to Google that answer.
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Verified Buyer
Helped my baby with RSV
November 19, 2019
So thankful for this product!! It's crucial for my daughter to stay hydrated while fighting off RSV. The Nose Frida would get all the snot out so she was able to breath and eat a lot easier. Thank you!
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Redmond wa
November 7, 2019
I bought this right after having my first baby and I loved it! I tried different products and nothing worked till I purchased this product!
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