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Baby Jogger

As any parent know full well, it’s an understatement to say that life changes when you have a baby. You suddenly realize that all the ways you thought you were busy before are not the same as baby-busy. It can be easy for self-care routines like exercise to feel almost impossible to reclaim, especially when you’re trying to figure out how to get out to walk, run, or jog with a baby or toddler in tow. But Baby Jogger wants you to know: they’ve been there, too ? and it’s not impossible.

Baby Jogger strollers are designed with parents in mind. The company was started in 1984 by parents who were looking to solve a pressing problem that’s important for the well-being of grown-ups and kids everywhere: How do you stay active with babies and young kids?

Since then, these strollers have evolved to fit an ever-changing world. From rugged all-terrain gear to accessories that add comfort and convenience to urban living, they've kept pace with the needs of active parents and their families.

For hobby runners to high-performance athletes, Baby Jogger’s extensive line of jogging strollers, like the Summit, are considered top in their field. Running over rough terrain? Not a problem. The entire line of strollers, made specifically for running, have independent all-wheel suspension that keeps your baby safe and totally comfy, whether you’re traversing paved trails or prefer off-roading a little. Hand brakes make safely controlling the stroller easy. Adjustable seats, a UV 50+ sun canopy, and vented sides ensure your little one is riding in style and comfort no matter the weather. And with available accessories like cup holders, coolers, rain shields, and foot muffs, there’s hardly a day you can’t get out and enjoy some outdoor time with your child, rain or shine.

Perhaps the most ingenious feature of all Baby Jogger strollers is the fact that they are designed to accommodate children from birth to toddlerhood in safety and secure comfort. With simple Baby Jogger accessories, strollers can easily accommodate car seats from a variety of manufacturers. This way, no matter what car seat you buy to bring baby home, you can be sure it can click neatly into your stroller when you’re ready to get out and exercise. What better way to make life with baby easier and more active? That’s the mark of a company that’s built to make life better for parents and kids alike.